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Preserving the Past for the Sake of the Future: The Possibilities of Digital Storytelling

There are nearly as many possible pedagogical benefits to the use of Digital Storytelling as there are potential ways to go about constructing websites that make use of that idea in innovative ways.  For example, as Lev Manovich argued in … Continue reading

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Initial Proposal for ‘The Korean War Online Memory Bank: An Online Archive and Classroom Teaching Tool’

The Korean War Online Memory Bank (KWOMB) will serve dual purposes as a repository for the personal memories of Korean War ‘veterans’ as well as a means of facilitating a greater understanding of the Korean War especially among American high … Continue reading

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Defining Digital History: Modern Technology, Activist Scholarship, and the Post-Modern Humanities

Given that it now seems clear in 2014 that digital history (or the digital humanities more broadly defined) is much more than a scholarly fad, it is useful to examine various elements that have enabled this explosion in interest.  The … Continue reading

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